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Wow. CC Cycle 1 meets 24 perfect Who Was
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Hello, "WHO WAS" lovers:

My name is Colby.bundle Who Was books for homeschoolers and sell them as matched sets to bring life to your required History curriculum (Cycle 1, 2 & 3).

As part of a homeschooling entrepreneurship unit, I matched my weekly memory work to the perfect "Who Was" book.

I made the perfect match-up for the homeschooling model I follow, Classical Conversations. 


Everyone loved the idea of a Classical Conversations-sync'd set - and asked me to sell them as a "Click once and done" idea. I do... cheaper than Amazon!

Plus each year, I have added more.


Each set now has 24 downloadable bookmarks, 24 post-tests, 24 printable certificates, and 24 weekly activity plans.

See matched sets.


P.S.  If you already have some titles, you can substitute out any title in our bundles. We love this series of books!